We're here to empower people and organizations

We created Osara to empower people with the right support, education and practical strategies to change what having cancer means to people, their colleagues and their families.

Our name

We're creating a better experience for people impacted by cancer and our name represents this. We derived meaning from several words with distinct meanings.

Opem, derived from the Latin word for aid or assistance, encapsulates our dedication to providing support, safety, and stability.

Salus, originating from the Latin word for health, signifies our commitment to promoting wellness and fostering healthy lifestyles for individuals affected by cancer.

Piara, which is a Nyoongar word for the Candlestick Banksia tree, the First Nations language group for the south-west of Australia, and known for its healing properties. Whilst we are now a global organization, we are proud of our Australian roots and acknowledge and pay respects to the First Nations Peoples across these lands.

About Osara Health

Formerly known as CancerAid, Osara was founded in 2016 by oncologists wanting to improve the cancer journey. The founding members of the team sought to develop an evidence-based solution that supported patients in achieving better health outcomes.

Our solutions convert people from being reactive recipients of care, to proactive participants in their care. Osara Health focuses on empowering people with knowledge, strategies and behaviors which result in improved clinical outcomes, such as better quality of life, increased physical and mental health, and higher survival rates. For example, our participants have improved exercise, symptom tracking and diet routines. We achieve this result by using a mix of human empathy, technology and behavior change methodology - it’s backed by evidence.

We are experts at eliciting positive behavior change in people impacted by cancer. We are the only clinically validated return-to-work solution for people with a cancer diagnosis.

Our values

We are committed to data security.

We speak from the heart.

We are committed to a culture that welcomes, respects and values.

We trust openly and honestly.

We do the right thing when no one is watching.

We harness innovation to achieve better health results.

We operate an evidence first approach.

Join the team that’s transforming the care in cancer