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Of members reported an improvement in pain.ref


Of members reported an improvement in overall quality of life.ref


Of members reported an improvement in physical health.ref


Of members reported an improvement in fatigue.ref


Of members reported an improvement in emotional problems.ref

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reduction in Long Term Disability claims.ref



Of participants are more likely to return to work and their previous daily activities.ref



Participants return to work 16.5 weeks sooner.ref

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Of members reported an improvement in fatigue.ref



Of members reported an improvement in overall quality of life.ref



of participants say the program improves their relationship and trust in their insurer.ref

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Backed by clinical data, our personalized coaching program is proven to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for cancer patients. Join our growing network of insurers committed to offering comprehensive and holistic care to their members affected by cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can insurers benefit from using Osara Health?

    Benefit providers can benefit from Osara Health by offering their members access to cancer support programs. By partnering with Osara Health, benefit providers can help their customers enhance their health insurance plans, offering additional resources and support for individuals facing cancer. This includes access to Health Coaches, educational modules and the Osara Health app, which helps members effectively manage their cancer care and improve their overall wellbeing with goal setting technology. By providing comprehensive cancer care and support services, benefit providers can demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their members and attract new customers looking for additional assistance for employees or members facing cancer treatment. This can also lead to increased loyalty and satisfaction amongst existing customers.

  • What services does Osara Health provide to insurance members dealing with cancer through a partner insurer?

    Osara Health provides comprehensive cancer support programs for insurance customers (members) facing cancer. Through the Cancer Coach Program, insured individuals gain access to dedicated Health Coaches, educational resources, cancer information, and the Osara Health app. This support helps them effectively manage their cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, and the emotional impact of cancer, reducing financial strain and providing guidance throughout their cancer journey. By empowering insurance customers with valuable resources and personalized care, Osara Health aims to enhance the overall cancer care experience and improve health outcomes for cancer patients. With the program, insurance companies can demonstrate compassion and commitment to supporting their policyholders during challenging times whilst reducing their cost of claims and increasing their market share with a differentiator.

  • How can insurers benefit from using the Osara Health cancer program?

    Insurers can benefit significantly from incorporating the Osara Health cancer program into their offerings. By providing their policyholders access to the Cancer Coach Program, insurers demonstrate their commitment to supporting individuals with cancer patients. This support can lead to improved health outcomes, reduced medical expenses, and increased customer satisfaction. Insurers can leverage Osara Health’s resources to enhance their health insurance coverage, offer cancer treatment related services, and provide a valuable service to their members, ultimately distinguishing themselves in the market. This can help attract new policyholders, improve customer retention, and reinforce their position as a leading insurance provider.

  • Is Osara Health’s cancer program HIPAA-compliant?

    Yes, Osara Health’s cancer program is fully HIPAA-compliant. All sensitive information related to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and other personal health data is securely protected and encrypted, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of participants’ data. This compliance with HIPAA regulations ensures that insurers can confidently provide the program to their policyholders without compromising data security, adhering to strict privacy standards and regulations set forth by the government.

  • How does Osara Health help with cancer management?

    Osara Health assists with cancer management by providing access to dedicated Health Coaches and evidence-based educational modules. Through the Cancer Coach Program, participants receive guidance on various aspects of cancer care and self-management, such as symptom tracking, diet, exercise, and mindfulness. This support empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their cancer treatment, leading to better health outcomes, cancer treatment options, and an improved quality of life. By focusing on comprehensive cancer care and emotional support, Osara Health helps individuals and their families navigate the challenges of cancer and its impact on their lives. The program aims to improve the overall cancer care experience, which can lead to reduced medical expenses and claims costs for insurers.

  • What are the pricing options for Osara Health?

    The pricing options for Osara Health’s cancer program may vary depending on the needs of insurers and benefit providers. Insurers interested in offering the program to their policyholders can discuss pricing and options directly with Osara Health to tailor the program to meet their specific requirements and budgets. Flexible pricing options allow insurers to choose the level of cancer support and resources they want to offer to their members, ensuring a customized and cost-effective solution. By offering various pricing plans, Osara Health ensures that insurers can find the best fit for their budget and policyholder needs, making the program accessible to a broader audience.

  • Are there any success stories or testimonials from users of Osara Health?

    Yes, Osara Health has achieved numerous success stories and positive testimonials from individuals who have participated in the Cancer Coach Program. These testimonials highlight the program’s effectiveness in providing valuable cancer information, emotional support, resources, and guidance to cancer patients, leading to improved well-being, better cancer care experiences, and reduced financial burdens. These success stories serve as a testament to the impact and value of Osara Health’s cancer support programs. Insurers can utilize these testimonials in their marketing efforts to showcase the benefits of partnering with Osara Health and to assure policyholders of the program’s effectiveness and positive outcomes. You can discover Osara’s success stories here.

  • Is Osara Health and the app appropriate for all cancer patients?

    Yes, Osara Health’s comprehensive program is designed to support all individuals diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the type of cancer or treatment plan. The Cancer Coach Program’s personalized approach ensures that each individual receives the necessary assistance and resources tailored to their unique needs and circumstances, making it appropriate for all appapp patients. Whether they need support for cancer treatment, emotional care, or managing the practical challenges of living with cancer, Osara Health’s program can be customized to meet their specific requirements. The program aims to improve the overall cancer care experience and enhance the well-being of all policyholders facing cancer.

  • How does Osara Health impact the cost of claims?

    Osara Health’s cancer program can positively impact the cost of claims for insurers by improving health outcomes and reducing the need for expensive medical interventions for those with health insurance. By empowering insured individuals with tools to effectively manage their cancer treatment, make informed decisions, and adopt healthy behaviors, the program can lead to lower medical expenses, shorter hospital stays, and reduced claims costs. This focus on comprehensive cancer care and prevention contributes to cost containment for health insurers while providing valuable support to policyholders. By incorporating Osara Health’s cancer program into their health insurance offerings, an insurance company can potentially lower premiums and offer better coverage to their policyholders, further reducing the financial burden on both the policyholders, health care system and the insurance company.

  • Who is eligible?

    All individuals receiving health insurance coverage from participating insurers and benefit providers are eligible to access Osara Health’s cancer program. Insurers can extend the program to their policyholders, providing them with valuable resources and support throughout their cancer journey. Similarly, benefit providers can offer the program to their customers, ensuring that comprehensive cancer support programs are available to those with health insurance. The program aims to support individuals and their families, enhancing their overall well-being and experience. Eligibility for the program is not dependent on the type of cancer, treatment plan, or stage of diagnosis, making it accessible to all policyholders in need of cancer support.