Cancer Caregivers



We support you in supporting them. We give cancer caregivers the confidence, empowerment and resources to ensure everyone's own needs are met.

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Caregivers can access:

A dedicated health coach

Personalized, one-on-one support and guidance from a trained professional. They’ll help you understand your role in supporting your loved ones cancer care, while still prioritizing yourself.

Reliable resources

Your Health Coach will share proven practices, helpful tips and resources focussed on areas important to you, whether it’s your own health, living with stress and uncertainty, accessing information, speaking with doctors, or caring for your loved one through a cancer diagnosis.

Care on your terms

Connect with your Coach via call, SMS, or email at the right time for you. You can start, pause or stop whenever you like - our programs are entirely flexible around your schedule.

Our App

Human empathy meets digital technology. Our online community app makes managing their care and learning from others easier and accessible.

We work around you and your schedule



Hi Steven, in this week’s coaching call lets cover caregiver strategies to best support your loved one. Please book in a time that suits for a call here.

Thanks, Emma


Hi Emma, that would be great. I’ve booked in for Friday afternoon.



Thanks Steven. Speak then.

Curated care that's uniquely yours

Everyone's goals are different - that's why our programs are flexible and personalized to focus on what's helpful to you. Consider us part of your support community.

Navigating the healthcare system
Future planning
Role of a caregiver
Legal considerations
Physical and mental wellbeing
Managing work
Practical strategies
Getting help
Managing everyday activities

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Am I eligible?

Osara programs are clinically proven to improve your health


Of working participants say the program improved their productivity.ref


Felt the program helped them feel more in control of their own health and wellbeing. ref


Reported the program resulted in improved care for their loved one.ref


Of working participants say the program improved their perception of their employer.ref


Reported the program helped them feel more empowered and confident in looking after their loved one.ref

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Onboarding takes 30 seconds

Your health coach will connect directly to kick off your program. You can learn more about the program, and decide how you would like to proceed.

Your health coach will connect directly to kick off your program. You can learn more about the program, and decide how you would like to proceed.

Meet your coach

You will have your first call with your health coach at a time that suits your schedule. During this call, your health coach will delve into your individual goals for the program and determine the most effective ways to support you.

You will have your first call with your health coach at a time that suits your schedule. During this call, your health coach will delve into your individual goals for the program and determine the most effective ways to support you.

Begin the program

Get ready to receive personalized education modules directly to your inbox, along with convenient access to your dedicated health coach through the program.

Get ready to receive personalized education modules directly to your inbox, along with convenient access to your dedicated health coach through the program.

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Your data privacy is our top priority

At Osara we prioritize your right to data privacy. We promise to:

  • Never sell or share your information to third parties without your permission.
  • Only share what is strictly necessary with your employer/insurer, provided we have your consent.
  • Strive to meet gold standards for information security.
  • Continually improve our data security, and never take your trust in us for granted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Cancer Caregivers Program?

    The Cancer Caregivers Program is a comprehensive support program designed to assist and empower cancer caregivers and family members who are providing care for a person with a cancer diagnosis. This program offers valuable resources, emotional care, and helpful tips to help caregivers effectively cope with the challenges of supporting someone facing cancer treatment. Whether it’s managing stress during doctor visits or accessing additional care, the Cancer Caregivers Program aims to make the caregiving journey more manageable and supportive. Participants also gain access to the Osara Health app to track goals and connect with others in a supportive community.

  • How do you take care of a family member with cancer?

    Taking care of a family member with cancer requires a holistic approach that considers both the physical and emotional needs of the person facing cancer, and your needs as a caregiver. It involves providing practical assistance, such as accompanying the person to doctor visits or accessing respite care when needed. Emotional support, active listening, and open communication are also vital to understanding the person’s concerns and offering comfort and encouragement. Additionally, caregivers can benefit from seeking support through resources like support groups, counseling services, and educational programs in their community to help them manage their own needs while caring for their loved one. Osara Health will guide you through the process, the changes and help you manage the impact of this new reality.

  • What are the requirements for enrolling in the Cancer Caregiver Program?

    The Cancer Caregiver Program is open to family members and caregivers of our partner organisations who are providing support and care for patients who face cancer. There are no specific qualifications or prerequisites for enrolling in the program. It is designed to assist all caregivers dealing with cancer care, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. Whether you are a long-distance caregiver or a primary family caregiver, the program aims to provide resources and support tailored to your unique caregiving situation. You can contact your organisation, employer or insurer to let them know about your circumstances and they can give you the details about how to access Osara Health.

  • What does being a carer mean?

    Being a carer means taking on the responsibility of supporting and providing care for a person with cancer or another serious illness. Cancer caregivers play a crucial role in the well-being and quality of life of their loved ones who face cancer. They often assist with various aspects of daily living, emotional support, coordinating medical appointments, managing medications, and ensuring the person’s overall comfort and safety. Being a carer involves a commitment to the physical and emotional needs of the person with cancer, while also considering your own needs and wellbeing.

  • How can Osara Health support carers?

    Osara Health recognises the invaluable role of carers and offers comprehensive support to help them navigate the challenges of caring for their loved ones. Through emotional support and empowering caregivers, Osara Health aims to alleviate stress and anxiety - we can help you understand what to expect in your new role. The platform provides access to educational resources and a personal health coach who can give guidance about important things related to you and your loved one’s wellbeing and can even offer information about additional services that can help. We enable caregivers to make informed decisions and find the assistance they need to provide the best care. We hope that Osara Health will be an additonal part of your support network - helping you to foster a sense of community and provide a much-needed outlet for your worries and concerns. The personalised care plans, centered around holistic health and behaviour change, further enhance many caregivers’ well-being, helping them manage, understand what’s involved and enhance the overall caregiving experience.

  • How does the program support caring for someone with cancer?

    The Cancer Caregivers Program connects each member with a personal health coach, a range of support resources and guidance to assist individuals caring for someone who faces cancer. We might give you advice on how to access to a relevant support group where cancer caregivers can connect with others in similar situations and share experiences, or help you set goals related to your own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of your loved one. The program also offers educational resources and guidance on topics such as managing stress, navigating the medical system, and find support for you or the cancer patient. Through a holistic approach, the program aims to empower caregivers to confidently and compassionately care for their loved ones facing cancer.

  • What is a Health Coach?

    At Osara Health, our health coaching follows a well-defined scope of practice that acknowledges the unique challenges of the cancer journey. Our coaches understand that the cancer experience is different from other chronic illnesses, which is why we adopt a person-centered approach to provide appropriate tools that empower individuals in physical, spiritual, and mental capacities - providing benefits across the board. Our health coaches serve as “accountability partners,” supporting individuals in developing and achieving their personalized, self-directed goals. They offer guidance and encouragement as individuals identify and work towards making sustainable lifestyle changes.

    For information or more tips, check out our dedicated website page on health coaching at Osara Health.

  • What does holistic health and behaviour change mean?

    Holistic health and behaviour change refer to an approach that considers the relationship between various aspects of a person’s life and wellbeing. In the context of cancer care, it involves addressing not only the physical health of the person facing cancer but also their emotional, mental, and social well-being. Health Coaches use this approach to assist individuals in making positive changes in their lifestyle, habits, and mindset to support their overall health and well-being. The focus is on empowering individuals to take an active role in their care and make sustainable changes that lead to improved health outcomes and a better quality of life.

  • Do my interactions get shared with my employer?

    No, Osara Health ensures that all your interactions within the Cancer Caregivers Program remain entirely confidential. Your information is held in accordance with their privacy policy, and no data, including Health Coach calls, is shared with your employer or insurer without your explicit permission. All information is encrypted to guarantee security and privacy throughout the program, prioritizing your confidentiality and peace of mind.

  • What is the time commitment as a participant?

    The Cancer Caregivers Program typically runs for 6-12 weeks, but the duration can be tailored to suit your needs as a participant. On average, individuals spend around 30 minutes each week to read and implement what they’ve learned. This flexibility allows you to engage with the program at a pace that aligns with your personal goals and cancer care requirements, ensuring a customized and beneficial experience throughout the journey.