14 October 2022

Anna's Story

Cancer Coach Program Participant
Federal Government Employee

Anna joined the Osara Cancer Coach Program after finishing treatment of her breast cancer diagnosis, a time when many patients are left feeling overwhelmed by the mental stress and physical impact of what they have just been through. Anna described this treatment period like a tunnel where “everything is happening so quickly and you’re just focused on getting through to the other side”. Thankfully a number of friends who had been through similar experiences recommended the program to Anna as a way to begin the processing phase.

The key challenge I was facing before starting the program was, ‘where to from here?’. The program helped me reorganize the facts and medical information I had been given, so that I understood what my next steps forward to remission

Through the Cancer Coach Program Anna gained access to a dedicated health coach, digital education resources and the Osara Health app. For Anna, her Osara Health Coach helped her understand the often complex medical jargon of a cancer treatment. “The Program helped me process everything going on while also focusing on how I could return to a sense of normalcy. My Health Coach helped me understand how to deal with my fatigue issues by encouraging me through diet and exercise. By continuing to work with my dietitian and get back to my exercise routine I saw positive results on my mental health as well”.

Anna says the best thing about this program is having the clinical support and guidance when you need it from resources and a Health Coach. Having recently returned to work, Anna is now focused on maintaining the learnings from the program such as mindfulness through work-life balance.

“I definitely think the programs should be available to all employees. It has helped me build resilience and guided me through the transition of returning to work after treatment. I feel more productive knowing I have the support I need”.