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Revolutionizing Employee Health and Cost Reduction: The Power of Digital Cancer Care Solutions

In this white paper, we discuss the research around:

  • The challenges of existing support solutions for employees with cancer
  • Managing cancer as a chronic illness to support employees and reduce medical costs
  • The effectiveness of a digital cancer care platform

Webinar Series: Insurance Beyond Financial Stability

In this webinar we unpack the role of comprehensive care in the United States. We are joined by industry leaders:

  • Kevin Krzeminski is a highly experienced leader in the employee benefits insurance industry, with a successful track record of developing and executing growth strategies over 35 years.
  • Jenny Merrithew has over 30 years of Group Insurance industry experience, joining AFLAC in May 2021 as VP, PLADS Product and Service Excellence.

Webinar Series: Insurance Beyond Financial Stability

In this webinar we unpack innovative insurance solutions for holistic support in the United States. We are joined by industry leaders:

  • Matthew Darula is the Head of Product and Market Management for Guardian’s Group Benefits Business.
  • Mark Costello is Senior Vice President of Munich Re, U.S. (Group and Living Benefits Reinsurance).
  • Jim Kenny, the former Global Chief Claims Officer and Head of US Employee Benefits Operations at MetLife.

Osara is a clinician-founded organization that puts evidence at the forefront of every intervention

Return to Work After Cancer: A Key Health Outcome

The Cancer Coach Program by Osara Health, consisting of evidence-based interventions delivered digitally and remotely, can help address barriers that cancer survivors face when returning to work.

Implementing MultiSource Data Capturing in Routine Cancer Care

The award-winning CancerAid App by Osara Health can support the visibility of self-reported outcomes and passively generated health data for improved decision making when treating people impacted by cancer.

Health Record Integration With the CancerAid App

“Osara Health is among the first oncology solutions to make PRO data available to clinicians and with an app user retention of 88%.”

Results of Real-World PRO Collection Via the CancerAid App

The CancerAid App by Osara Health successfully captures PROs across an age-diverse group of users.

Feasibility and ROI for Cancer Coach by Osara

This single-arm study evaluated 156 Australians of working age. Osara offered the study participants the opportunity to receive health coaching as an “intervention method”. Participants noted that the Osara Health Coach Program was a beneficial enhancement of their traditional medical care.

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