Cancer touches everyone. Cancer care should, too

Treat your people like family. With the right expertise and emotional support at the right time, we can change what it feels like to be impacted by cancer.

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Of employees reported an improvement in pain.ref


Of employees reported an improvement in overall quality of life.ref


Of employees reported an improvement in physical health.ref


Of employees reported an improvement in fatigue.ref


Of employees reported an improvement in emotional problems.ref

Support for your people that improves your bottom line



We delivered an estimated 8.2x return on your investmentref


Our programs are based on current evidence estimating $11,780 of cost savings per patient.ref

With Osara you will see:

Reduced absenteeism
On average, diagnosed employees using the Osara program return to work 16.5 weeks sooner.


Reduced presenteeism
80% report that being on the Osara program improved their productivity.


Reduced employee turnover
Employees on the Osara program are 73% more likely to return to work.


Take an active role in your people's support network

High engagement

91% Completion rate of Osara programs.ref

They recommend Osara to others

+84 Net Promoter Score.ref

Increased employer satisfaction

90% of participants say that the program improves their relationship and trust in their employerref.

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We support anyone impacted by cancer

Team members who have been diagnosed

Backed by clinical data, our personalized coaching program is proven to improve health and wellbeing for employees with cancer. We recognize the difficulties and pressures that accompany living with cancer, as well as the complexities of managing medical leave, treatment and more. At Osara, we provide comprehensive support to your employees, helping them transition back to productivity when the time is right.

Cancer Coach

Employees caring for a loved one

Cancer care is a shared experience, so caregivers can share the load with a dedicated health coach. Participants will learn how to balance work commitments, prioritize their needs and empowering them to be the best caregiver they can be.

Cancer Caregivers

A company-wide approach

Foster an internal support system for managers, HR teams, and colleagues impacted by cancer.

We work with organizations to develop bespoke workshops, content, and webinars designed to destigmatize cancer and help leadership teams best support their employees through a cancer diagnosis. We are creating cancer-friendly organizations where employees receive the support and accommodations they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

What to expect

A benefit people actually use

Industry leading eligible population utilization and 91% of participants complete the entire program.ref

Immediate care and support

We will start supporting your people within minutes of the green light.

Secure, reliable, and validated by experts

We have ISO27001 certification, which makes procurement quick and easy.

Approach to security

We're trusted by leading employers

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For every 1,000 employees



will get cancer each year.ref



will become cancer caregivers each year.ref

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Osara Health do for employees with cancer?

    Osara Health provides comprehensive cancer support for employers to offer their employees diagnosed with cancer. Through dedicated Health Coaches and digital educational modules, Osara empowers employees throughout their cancer journey. It helps them manage cancer-related challenges, cope with the emotional impact, and find support to balance their work. Osara can provide training to human resources, support staff and leadership, as well as offer insight that facilitates workplace accommodations, such as reasonable adjustments and flexible work schedules, to support employees during treatment and beyond, ultimately improving their overall well-being.

  • What does Osara Health do for employees caring for someone with cancer?

    Osara Health also supports employees who are caring for someone with cancer. Osara offers workplace support to employees affected by cancer cases in their family. Osara provides resources, educational materials, and emotional support to help employees cope with the demands of caregiving while fulfilling their job responsibilities. Our programs demonstrate compassion for employees facing financial strain, enabling them to balance their job duties and responsibilities as caregivers.

  • How does Osara Health help with cancer management?

    Osara Health helps employees effectively manage cancer by providing personalized support through Health Coaches, digital resources and goal setting. The program offers resources and insight on symptom management, dealing with stress and anxiety, communication with families and employers and many other aspects of a cancer diagnosis. By providing emotional and practical support, Osara empowers employees to make informed decisions about their treatment plans and overall health.

  • How can employers benefit from offering the Osara Health cancer program?

    By implementing Osara Health’s cancer program, employers can demonstrate a commitment to supporting people impacted by cancer. The program offers a range of benefits and resources, such as dedicated Health Coaches, educational materials to assist employees during their cancer treatment and recovery. This support can enhance employee well-being, job satisfaction, and loyalty, while also reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, leading to a more productive workforce.

  • How does Osara Health impact employee presenteeism and absenteeism?

    Osara Health’s cancer support program positively impacts employee presenteeism and absenteeism by providing employees with the necessary resources and support to balance work, commitments, family life and cancer treatment effectively. Through Osara’s return to work program, participants are empowered to get back to normalcy and their routine before cancer. Request a demo today and we will walk you through our clinically validated research that demonstrates the cost savings we can achieve for your organization.

  • Is Osara Health and the app appropriate for all cancer patients?

    Yes, Osara Health’s comprehensive program is designed to support all employees with cancer, regardless of their specific cancer type or treatment plan. The program’s personalized approach ensures that each individual receives the necessary assistance and resources tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

  • Are there any success stories or testimonials from users of Osara Health?

    Yes, Osara Health has achieved numerous success stories and positive testimonials from cancer patients and cancer survivors who have benefited from the program. These testimonials highlight the program’s effectiveness in providing valuable support, resources, and guidance, leading to improved well-being and a better cancer care experience. You can find them here.

  • Is Osara Health’s cancer program HIPAA-compliant?

    Yes, Osara Health’s cancer program is HIPAA-compliant. It ensures that all patient data, including cancer diagnosis and treatment information, is securely stored and protected. Confidentiality and privacy are prioritized throughout the program, and employees can trust that their health information remains confidential. You can read our privacy policy here.

  • What are the pricing options for Osara Health?

    Pricing options for Osara Health’s cancer program may vary based on the specific needs of employers. Employers can contact Osara Health directly to discuss pricing and tailor the program to meet their organization’s requirements and budget. Contact us by requesting a demo here.

  • Who is eligible?

    Via our partner organizations, all employees facing a cancer diagnosis or caring for someone with cancer are eligible to participate in Osara Health’s cancer program. Employers can extend the program to their workforce, demonstrating their commitment to supporting employees’ well-being and helping them navigate the challenges of living with cancer.